Matching Brands and Influencers
to Build Authentic Relationships
for Repeatable Collaborations That Make Money

Everything You Need for Maximum Impact

The Right Match

TamaYou's proprietary AI connects the right brands to the right influencers using 7 levels of compatibility so that your goals and voices align.

Authentic Partnerships

Genuine connections mean product campaigns and launches that come from the heart. Brands are represented by influencers who believe in their products, and influencers promote brands they love.

Repeatable Collaborations

Authentic partnerships create collaborations you want to do again, building long-term relationships, trust, and meaningful results with influencers and brands who care.

More Money

With authentic partnerships and repeatable campaigns, brands optimize the money they spend for increased ROI, and influencers monetize by sharing their favorite brands.


Maximize your spend
with the right influencers


Monetize your influence
while doing what you love

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