Matching Brands & Influencers

TAMA helps brands and influencers build strong, long-lasting, and lucrative connections.
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Matching Brands & Influencers

TAMA helps brands and influencers build strong, long-lasting, and profitable connections.

I’m an influencer.

Monetize your influence while doing what you love.

I’m a brand.

Maximize your spend with the right influencers.

TAMA empowers influencers and brands to reach their full potential.

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The Right Match

TAMA influencer platform's proprietary AI connects the right brands to the right influencers using 7 levels of compatibility so that your goals and voices align.
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Authentic Partnerships

Compared to data and statistics, stories can make a more profound impact and create a lasting impression. When influencers who have a genuine belief and love for a brand's products share its story, authentic connections and brand loyalty are established.
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Enduring Collaborations

Authentic partnerships create long term collaborations, genuine relationships, trust, and meaningful results.
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Maximize Earnings

Recurring campaigns allow brands to optimize the amount they spend for increased ROI, while influencers monetize with their favorite brands.

We work with the best.

Trusted by brands big and small to connect with the perfect audience.

Influence in every market.

Discover the ideal influencer, regardless of the topic.

Let’s build something together.

Focused on delivering long-term results. TAMA has you covered. Nano, Micro, Macro, or Mega influencers, reach the right audience. Unbiased machine learning that achieves better performance and profitable results. Make your investment work harder and connect with those that truly matter.

Julieta Alvarado

Julieta Alvarado


Julieta is a Digital Media executive with over 17 years of experience in full-stack digital marketing, marketing operations, and customer acquisition roles. Julieta heads TAMA’s marketing division.

Before TAMA, Julieta was the Marketing Director at Monster Worldwide where she oversaw the marketing strategy and operations for two of its digital properties ( and She was responsible for the overall marketing strategy, branding, and integrated marketing including Email, Paid Social, PPC, SEM, Lead Generation, and Content Marketing. 

Prior to her tenure at Monster, Julieta was the VP of International Marketing Development at Mode Media (formerly Glam Media), Inc. where she helped develop its original vertical networks of publishers in the U.S.   She was also responsible for executing the international marketing strategy for the organization.

Elizabeth Larson

Elizabeth Larson


Liz is a seasoned Digital Media executive with over two decades of experience spanning business development, partner programs, and operations roles. Liz leads TAMA’s influencer development and success functions. As SVP of Partner Strategy and Operations at Glam Media, Liz was one of the very first to recognize the value and importance of “Content Creators”. Liz worked for nearly a decade with tens of thousands of creators and influencers where she was responsible for sourcing, negotiating, and optimizing strategic partnerships. Prior to TAMA, Liz was also the VP of Network Development at Maven (now The Arena Group) helping to grow their user base from 0 to over 100M unique visitors per month through acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and an integrated partner growth strategy.

Mayur Bhatia

Mayur Bhatia


As a TAMA Co-Founder, Mayur brings more than a decade’s worth of online media and advertising experience in startups and Fortune 500 environments to lead TAMA’s operations. Mayur is responsible for ensuring a continuous high affinity for technology and strategic implementation of cutting-edge solutions that focus on delivering success. Being a Nano-Influencer, Mayur is very well aware of the challenges Influencers face today.

Simon Yeh

Simon Yeh


Simon leverages more than two decades’ worth of ad tech experience encompassing platform design, development, and operations to lead TAMA’s vision, strategy, and growth. As VP of Engineering – Ad Platform and Revenue Operations at Mode Media, Simon led the development, analytics, and revenue operations supporting 100s of Advertisers and 1000s of Content Creators. Prior to founding TAMA, Simon was a tech executive at Vungle, Inc., helping grow the business to be the trusted guide for growth and engagement for more than 60,000 mobile apps worldwide, including top brands such as Rovio, Zynga, Pandora, Microsoft, Scopely, among others. As a global tech leader, Simon empowered global teams of technology-minded individuals to build the “best-in-class performance marketing platform” and deliver results yielding a successful acquisition by Blackstone in 2019.