Influencer Advertising Simplified

Our "Tama" platform makes it easy to create, design, and measure each influencer campaign. Discover the right social media influencers, find the right ads using the right insights. Have technology work for you.

✔ Authentic voices, intuitive campaign management at your fingertips.

✔ In-depth campaign insights, influencer created content all in one place.

✔ Real-time data, real insights, real success.

AI that takes the Guesswork Out putting Results In

Our "You" engine analyzes millions of influencers and program types to give you the right matches for your needs. Collaborate with the right influencers, the right campaigns from the very beginning.

✔ Comprehensive influencer to campaign match taking into account your unique needs.

✔ Going beyond the usual audience demographics to bring you the results you need.

✔ Improving the effectiveness of your strategy to get the outcome you want.

Actionable Insights, Optimize your Spending

Make your money work harder and connect with influencers that matter to minimize waste and maximize returns.

✔ Powerful platform packed with features to keep you in the loop and ahead of the game.

✔ Achieve better performance and beautiful results by reaching the right audience and maintaining high engagement.

✔ Know your campaign inside and out with our self-serve advertising platform. Track real-time KPIs, get reports, connect with influencers.